How is Sainsbury’s helping wine-drinking dieters?

Did you know a large glass of wine can contain the same amount of calories as an ice cream or two fish fingers? If you didn't, you would be in a huge majority of consumers.

This is because 85% of us don't know how many calories there are in a typical glass of wine, according to a new survey.

That's why the poll's researchers, Sainsbury's, is this week introducing calorie labelling on wine as part of its ...

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Holidaymakers raise a glass to ‘wine sourcing’ offer

An alcohol chain is giving wine-loving tourists the opportunity to earn enough money for next year's holiday. So what's the catch?

There is none. Oddbins is just asking holidaymakers to recommend a wine they discover overseas.

Customers, through its The Listing project, can earn money from wines they have recommended to Oddbins if the store is impressed enough to stock them. They will get a maximum commission of 10% on each bottle sold, potentially amounting to hundreds of ...

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The wine cork’s back with a twist, but will it alter the taste?

They disappeared almost unnoticed from under our wine-loving noses. But now could the much-loved original wine cork be making a comeback? In a move that could sound the death knell for the corkscrew, a twistable and re-sealable version of the cork is being launched - and could be on our shelves by summer 2015. The Helix cork and partnering bottle have a thread finish to let drinkers to twist the stopper open and shut again, creating an airtight barrier. It will be launched at the International VinExpo wine fair in Bordeaux on Monday (June 17) and is aimed at the £5 to £10 ...

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Expensive wine – we’ll drink to that

The UK drinker is the poor man of Europe when it comes to paying for their wine.

Even discounts from the cheapest supermarkets can't prevent us from now paying more for our vino than anywhere else in Europe.

But are we willing to pay?

New research suggests we are - and becoming more sophisticated in the process.

Wine prices are at their highest but ...

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