‘Consumers underestimate average utility bills by £467′

Families underestimated how much they spent on household bills by almost £500 in the last year, new research suggests.

Estimates provided by more than 2,000 bill payers were compared to actual average utility bills, showing up a somewhat alarming, typical shortfall of £467 - the Santander Current Accounts study revealed.

The survey, which covered council tax, gas, electricity, water, television, phone and broadband costs, revealed that people tend to underestimate how much they spend on council tax by ...

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Utility bills hit by failure to improve home energy efficiency

Over half of Britain's 27 million homes still don't have adequate insulation - despite Government schemes that will have cost consumers around £8.4 billion by 2015, a new report claims.

Policies were aimed to help householders make their homes more energy efficient and reduce average utility bills.

But successive governments have failed to improve the energy efficiency of most homes, consumer charity Which? Claims.

The overall cost of these ...

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As ‘faux winter’ bites, how do we plan to keep utility bills down?

Energy consumption surged by 65% last weekend as families were fooled by the "false" start to winter, a supplier has claimed.

Npower says English householders turned on the central heating because they felt it was colder than it really was, after such a warm summer.

September temperature figures substantiate this "faux winter" theory. This month has only been ever so slightly cooler (0.25C) than the same period last year, but gas consumption is 15% up, according to ...

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Will steps to push down utility bills drive them up?

"Why is my electric bill so high?" has been an popular refrain among households throughout Britain recently.

That's why the Government introduced an energy efficiency scheme aimed at tackling fuel poverty by making homes more energy-efficient.

But is this new Energy Company Obligation (ECO) about to backfire, with the switches proving so expensive that they risk driving average utility bills up? British Gas owner Centrica thinks so.

The company, which ...

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Will fracking bring down utility bills or cause earthquakes?

Will fracking bring down utility bills or cause earthquakes? Chancellor George Osborne has announced tax breaks for controversial fracking. Friday's announcement is part of what he calls an attempt to create the world's "most generous" regime for shale gas. Many believe the process will help bring down average utility bills for British households as concerns about spiralling energy prices increase. Opponents fear it will cause earthquakes, pollute water supplies, blight the countryside and affect house prices. But what is fracking? It is the process for extracting shale gas, by hydraulic fracturing rock with high-pressure liquid to release the gas. The ...

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