Utility bill woe leaves ’4.5m homes in fuel poverty’

Consumers who thought "why is my electric bill so high?" this winter may be residing in one of an estimated 4.5 million UK homes living in fuel poverty.

The figure has been calculated this week by the charities National Energy Action (NEA) and Energy Action Scotland (EAS) in their new UK Fuel Poverty Monitor report.

It claims that the Government is not doing enough to tackle the crisis. So what can be done?


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Will Amazon’s further expansion into on-demand threaten Netflix?

Amazon is venturing further into the on-demand home entertainment market this week. The internet retail giant is expanding its service to offer thousands of movies and TV programmes online to the UK from February 26.

Industry experts view Amazon's move as a direct threat to streaming service Netflix, which has been a critical and financial success. Amazon plans to invest millions in creating its own shows, as Netflix has done, notably with Kevin Spacey's remake of UK political drama House Of Cards.


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British cars are ‘Best of the Best’

British is best when it comes to cars, according to a new poll - with the classic Range Rover proving particularly desirable.

In a study from Best of the Best, the in-airport and online competition operator that gives away cars as prizes, the Range Rover Sport TDV6 took top spot.

This was closely followed by the Aston Martin Vantage V8 and the Range Rover Evoque in second and third places respectively.


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What is Google planning next for Glass?

Google has unveiled plans to incorporate music with its new Glass eyewear, but it could be some time before the technology is available in the UK.

The tech company has announced a US trial that will see a new set of features for the augmented-reality device, allowing users to search for songs, scan through saved play lists and listen to music.

The Google Glass eyewear, which is worn as lenseless frames with a small computer and transparent screen ...

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Is there a cooler brand than Apple?

Apple has retained its crown as coolest brand according to the British public.

The Californian giant does face growing competition however from several luxury and fashion lines, with the annual CoolBrands survey hinting at economic recovery through a switch away from affordable, everyday brands.

The votes of 38 "key influencers", such as television chef Gizzi Erskine and model Daisy Lowe, and 3,000 consumers shaped the rankings.

UK car manufacturer Aston ...

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Is family and supermarket food waste due to ‘ugly’ fruit and veg?

A huge amount of fruit and vegetables are being thrown away in the UK because they are too "ugly" to be sold in shops, new research suggests.

Up to two-fifths of a crop can be wasted, ploughed back into the ground or used as animal feed even though it is edible, according to a report commissioned by the UK's global food security programme.

The report looks at consumer as well as shop and supermarket food waste and suggests ...

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UK National Burger Day launched

They're becoming as big as British sausages; so big, in fact, that from this week they now warrant their own national day.

But what makes the great British burger so special?

Organiser of the UK's first National Burger Day, Jonathan Pile, called them the "ultimate comfort food". He said: "It's there in your hand, you can eat it in a restaurant or on the go, there's no real rules with it. We've seen that for decades ...

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Households’ energy-saving spells good news for utility bills

Families are using almost a quarter less energy than in 2005, new figures show.

The average home usage in England and Wales fell by 24.7% over the timespan to 2011 as household efficiency steps and increasing costs have taken effect, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

But what is fuelling this efficiency drive? The statistics suggest that measures to improve loft and cavity wall insulation and upgrade boilers, in addition to environmental messages from the Government ...

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UK prepares for bumper Autumn fruit harvest

The UK has experienced its coldest spring and warmest summer for years... but what will this mean for the countryside fruit and berry harvest?

Autumn is expected to be late in 2013 but when it finally arrives it should herald a bumper crop of fruits and berries, according to wildlife specialists.

Autumn fruiting is predicted to be delayed because of the late spring but the recent heatwave means wild berry crops will thrive, according to initial information collected ...

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Should we ban Arctic oil and gas drilling until it’s proven safe?

Drilling for new Arctic oil and gas reserves is "needlessly risky", claim MPs on the UK's parliamentary green watchdog. They have called for a moratorium on Arctic drilling.

The MPs have accused the the Government of allowing new exploration projects to start in the Arctic with too little scrutiny into the potential dangers to the environment and climate. But are they right?

Oil businesses aren't yet able to show they could clean up an Arctic oil spill, MPs ...

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