You can play PlayStation’s top 10 games without owning a console

Fancy playing PlayStation games without having to own a console? Well, soon you will be able to.

Some US gamers should get the chance to rent PlayStation's top 10 games and beyond by the end of this month, with a full roll-out by this summer. So how will the new streaming service PlayStation Now work?

It will enable consumers to stream favourite hits and classic games from the PlayStation 3 library. This should be through the internet on ...

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Sony versus Microsoft: Who will triumph in games battle?

Sony is expected to win the race with Microsoft for worldwide sales of its fourth-generation console, according to IHS.

The industry analyst predicts 49 million PS4 consoles will be sold by 2016, compared to 38 million Xbox One devices.

However, IHS believes the Xbox One will still outperform sales of Microsoft's previous model, the 360, when it was launched eight years ago.

IHS said: "The installed base of Xbox 360 users ...

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No Audio CD Support, No MP3 – What Gives, Sony?

Sony took the time earlier this week to share with the world its latest and by far its longest FAQ to date on the subject of the PlayStation 4. And of course, when these kinds of documents are made public they are usually followed by extreme excitement and hysteria as we become better acquainted with the console every one of us wants and most of us never thought we’d see. Sadly though, in this instance it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Not that the FAQ wasn’t forthcoming with the details, but rather for the fact that it revealed one or ...

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Sony reveals November 29 launch for PS4

Sony has revealed the launch date for its long-awaited PlayStation 4, with gamers able to get their hands on the sparkling new console from a later-than-expected November 29.

The Japanese technology giant says the PS4 already has a million pre-orders to its name.

But will this release date play into the hands of leading competitor Microsoft, which has yet to say when its Xbox One will hit the shelves? One gaming specialist believes so. The launch of the ...

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Sony to Launch Honami and Togari Smartphones This Autumn

When the Sony Xperia Z touched down just a few weeks ago, it took much of the world entirely by surprise – even though technically it shouldn’t have. Sony’s Xperia smartphones were slowly but surely becoming some of the most impressive seen in recent history and so when a new flagship Xperia was announced, it should have been pretty clear that something special was on the way…which it very much was. The Sony Xperia Z is quite frankly one of the most beautiful smartphones released in the history of the market and doesn’t just rely on its looks to impress. ...

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