Smartphone adapters could revolutionise eye care

A pair of revolutionary new smartphone adapters could lead to better quality eye care.

The adapters can capture high-quality images of the front and back of the eye, according to researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine in California.

The developers have said that the low-cost adapters will mean that anyone with minimal training will be able to take a picture of the eye and share it with experts.

The pocket-sized ...

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HTC One named smartphone of the year at T3 awards

HTC's flagship smartphone has been named the phone of the year.

The HTC One beat off competition from the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 to scoop the award from T3 magazine.

It was also named gadget of the year and design of the year at the awards ceremony in London.

But Apple and Samsung did manage to retain some of their dominance, with Apple taking ...

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What is a Smartphone, if not the BBC’s key to young listeners?

When Radio 1's flagship programme loses nearly 1 million listeners in six months, you know the BBC faces a huge task in keeping its young audience. Around 950,000 listeners have abandoned the Breakfast Show since Nick Grimshaw took over from Chris Moyles last autumn. This means that the youth station's audience now trails that of Radio 4. It's a problem not lost on Radio 1 chief Ben Cooper, who realises the need to retain younger listeners. He said: "If that stops and a generation doesn't get the BBC habit, it's almost an existential problem for the corporation." The average time ...

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Are we going to be outnumbered by handsets in a smartphone surge?

Where will it all end? The number of mobile phones on Planet Earth is about to exceed the number of human beings on it, according to a new study, and it looks likely to happen next year. The number of mobile subscriptions will exceed seven billion in early 2014, predicts the International Telecoms Union (ITU) in a UN agency's ITU World in 2013 report. There are now 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions and 7.1 billion people. The Commonwealth of Independent States, the alliance of countries formerly in the Soviet Union, has the biggest mobile uptake with 1.7 subscriptions per person. Sales ...

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Smartphone with a social conscience

Fancy getting your hands on a smartphone with a social conscience? Most of us about to buy a new handset have pondered: what is an android phone's “must-have” qualities? You may soon be able to number a social conscience among them if you're worried about what your gadget habit is doing to the planet and your fellow humans in troubled parts of the world. The Fairphone is an Android smartphone, aimed at having less of a bad effect on the environment and the people who build it. But here's a dilemma to prick your social conscience: whether it gets built ...

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