Why PS4 Tomb Raider is in the frame to better the Xbox One version

One of the Top 10 games of all time in the eyes of many players is to run at 60 frames per second in 1080p - but only in PS4 mode.

The claim comes from the executive producer of the latest in the Tomb Raider series. Scot Amos praised the performance of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition on PS4.

Amos, in a live stream on GamesRadar, said of the 60FPS capability (via VideoGamer): "That's awesome for that to be ...

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PS4 Still Leading, Xbox One Still In Contention

Microsoft may be one of the world’s most successful and highly respected companies, but to say they’ve had anything but a tough year would be stretching the truth. Well, to be more precise it’s the poor souls populating Redmond’s PR department that have taken the brunt of the negative tidings this year – I wouldn’t swap places with them for all the tea in China…as they say! Our summer was all about making the most of what good weather we were treated to and thinking ahead to the glory of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 arrivals this Christmas. ...

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Early PS4 sales top 2.1 million

Sales of Sony's PlayStation 4 have hit 2.1 million worldwide since its launch on November 15.

Andrew House, Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, made the announcement on the PlayStation blog.

"PS4's North American debut on November 15 was PlayStation's largest ever, with more than one million gamers picking up a PS4 in just 24 hours," House revealed.

"Now, with PS4's global launch expanding to a total of 32 countries worldwide, ...

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PS4 Pre-Order Deadline Passes

Sony has made the bleak announcement to its retail partners that as of right now, anyone ordering a PlayStation 4 in advance probably won’t get to take their console home on its official launch date. Some were forewarned that August 30th effectively represented the deadline by which all release day orders should have been placed, meaning that for the rest of us time has already run out to make sure your PS4 is in your hands on the big day. Pre-orders are still being taken by most major retailer online and otherwise , but the advice at this stage is ...

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Sony reveals November 29 launch for PS4

Sony has revealed the launch date for its long-awaited PlayStation 4, with gamers able to get their hands on the sparkling new console from a later-than-expected November 29.

The Japanese technology giant says the PS4 already has a million pre-orders to its name.

But will this release date play into the hands of leading competitor Microsoft, which has yet to say when its Xbox One will hit the shelves? One gaming specialist believes so. The launch of the ...

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‘PS4 will put best PS3 games in the shade’

The best PS3 games will be dwarfed by the delights that this Christmas's hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 can offer. That was the buzz coming out of Sony as it prepared to launch its first major games console since the PS3 seven years ago. But how will the Japanese giant achieve this? Sony has promised a unique gaming experience after showcasing some of the titles that can be played on PS4 at its PlayStation summer showcase in central London. The video games consoles' managing director for UK & Ireland, Fergal Gara, speaking at the Mayfair event, said: "It is like nothing ...

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Will Remote Play be the saviour of the PS4 launch later this year?

PlayStation 4's (PS4) eagerly anticipated launch later this year has received an added impetus. Sony has confirmed that it has mandated Vita Remote Play for all upcoming PS4 games - except those that need the use of PS4 Eye, its bundled stereoscopic camera. But will the news provide a much-needed shot in the arm for the beleaguered PlayStation Vita? Vita has failed to match Sony's sales figures expectations. But Sony's announcement sets the stage for the handheld sensation to give the same sort of off-TV play that makes the Wii U GamePad such a useful gaming gadget. So how does ...

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