PlayStation 4 Release Date Confirmed – Xbox Falling Behind?

After quite literally years of speculation and wild rumour-generating, the fabled PlayStation 4 finally has an official release date for us all to count down to. And contrary to previous suggestions we wouldn’t see the thing on the shelves until December, it’s good to hear that the PS4 will officially land on November 15th. Well, this is of course if you’re planning on buying one from America – those of us on this side of the pond preferring domestic retail will have to wait two extra weeks until November 29th. But still, at least this isn’t quite as close to ...

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No Audio CD Support, No MP3 – What Gives, Sony?

Sony took the time earlier this week to share with the world its latest and by far its longest FAQ to date on the subject of the PlayStation 4. And of course, when these kinds of documents are made public they are usually followed by extreme excitement and hysteria as we become better acquainted with the console every one of us wants and most of us never thought we’d see. Sadly though, in this instance it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Not that the FAQ wasn’t forthcoming with the details, but rather for the fact that it revealed one or ...

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Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Launch Dates Leak Online

This winter is going to be one of the most exciting in the history of history for gaming fanatics the world over. Not only will the PlayStation 4 from Sony finally make its first commercial appearance, but it will be joined by the Xbox One – its arch rival from Microsoft. And while the two will of course be locked in something of a pitched battle for sales over the Christmas period, one thing the two would most likely share is the very same launch date. Well, at least that’s what we thought. Neither of the combatants will want to ...

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Titanic games war: Could it spell a black Christmas for players?

The new PS4 and XBox One are expected to battle it out for UK gamers' hearts and minds over the festive season.

But supply problems amid colossal demand in this colossal games war could have an unhappy ending for multitudes of players.

So will gamers face a potentially black Christmas? Retailers are stopping advanced orders of the new PlayStation 4, sparking concerns of a festive shortage. Stores predict Microsoft will follow suit by halting pre-orders of its ...

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PS4 Vs Xbox 720 Title Battle Hotting Up Behind the Scenes

The battle is already raging between the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720, which is always a bit of fun when neither of the consoles technically exists yet…at least in its final form. Sony was first to break silence in a sort of half-assed way earlier this year when a massively important PlayStation event was held which brought a few sketch details and not so much as a glimpse of what the final unit would actually look like. And here we are now just a week from Microsoft’s Xbox event on May 21st when it’s their turn to throw ...

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