How is Microsoft delivering ‘a cloud for every person’?

Microsoft has unveiled a software suite app that it is describing as "a cloud for every person and mobile device".

Office for the iPad features programmes that include Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and works on competitor Apple's tablet computer.

The new suite rectifies layout difficulties that users suffered when retrieving files they had saved on Microsoft's cloud storage platform, OneDrive. The app has touch-enabled features that enable consumers to drag photographs around Word documents and grab elements ...

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Plants Vs Zombies Excels, Microsoft Disappoints

You can call Microsoft a lot of things this year, but you certainly can’t accuse them of being predictable. It seems bosses at Redmond are hell-bent on spending the whole of the year telling us one thing and doing another, which has turned out to be both for and against our benefit depending on the instance. For example, we were first told about that ghastly DRM plan for the Xbox one, which was subsequently reversed to our joy. As such, resale games will be playable on the Xbox One and a fee will not be payable. And then we were ...

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Sony versus Microsoft: Who will triumph in games battle?

Sony is expected to win the race with Microsoft for worldwide sales of its fourth-generation console, according to IHS.

The industry analyst predicts 49 million PS4 consoles will be sold by 2016, compared to 38 million Xbox One devices.

However, IHS believes the Xbox One will still outperform sales of Microsoft's previous model, the 360, when it was launched eight years ago.

IHS said: "The installed base of Xbox 360 users ...

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Gigantic Deal Sees Microsoft Take Over Nokia’s Handset Business

After months of speculation as to what on Earth the future held for Nokia, a gigantic deal has been reached which sees Microsoft take over the Finnish firm’s mobile phone arm. The $7.2 billion deal means that the Redmond software giant is now in control of Nokia’s entire smartphone and standard handset business. As expected, the announcement sent share values for Nokia skyrocketing with gains of up to 48%, while shares in Microsoft actually dropped 1% around the same time. Despite once being considered the undisputed leader in the world’s mobile phone market, Nokia experienced a rather dramatic fall from ...

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Dizzee helps launch Microsoft Surface tablet but will it do well?

Microsoft has called upon rap star Dizzee Rascal as it launches its latest tablets in the UK.

The Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are Microsoft's latest assault on the handheld computer market and "Bonkers" singer Dizzee was set to pose beside an imposing 27x17ft model of the new Surface 2 tablet at the event in London.

When the new tablets were initially unveiled in New York last month, Microsoft boasted that they would include improvements in battery ...

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Can ‘Hover’ guide the fightback against apps?

Can 'Hover' guide the fightback against apps? An update to the basic but much-loved 90's gaming favourite 'Hover' is being released by Microsoft as the company bids to show web users that playing games inside a browser can be just as good as apps. The game - in which players control a hovercraft and try to capture flags - was hidden away in the "Fun Stuff" folder on the original Windows 95 CD. Officials from Microsoft say that stages in the new updated version match the original down to details such as item and wall positions, and that gamers will ...

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Titanic games war: Could it spell a black Christmas for players?

The new PS4 and XBox One are expected to battle it out for UK gamers' hearts and minds over the festive season.

But supply problems amid colossal demand in this colossal games war could have an unhappy ending for multitudes of players.

So will gamers face a potentially black Christmas? Retailers are stopping advanced orders of the new PlayStation 4, sparking concerns of a festive shortage. Stores predict Microsoft will follow suit by halting pre-orders of its ...

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