iPhone 6 With 5-Inch Screen Already In Testing? Reports Suggest So

Apple’s latest iPhone 5S and 5C may only be a few weeks old, but when have things like this stopped the rumour mill from grinding its gears and throwing out gossip? There have been plenty of reports regarding the iPhone 6 over the past few days or so, but one of the most compelling of all concerns the status of the device. According to one particular report, not only will the iPhone 6 up the ante with a huge 4.9-inch screen, but the near-completed unit is already well into its late testing phase. If true, the iPhone 6 would boast ...

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iPhone 6 Coming This Fall, iPhone 5S Abandoned?

You certainly have to give credit to Apple when it comes to generating near daily news without saying a word…quite literally. It’s months now since the last major iOS product launch and we haven’t heard a peep from Tim Cook and Co. on new gadgets to look out for, which in turn provokes the kind of rumor-mongering no other brand on Earth can rival. However, what makes today’s installment in Apple’s rumour calendar more intriguing than most is that fact that in a rare turn of events it actually makes complete and total sense. And not only does it make ...

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Apple’s iPhone 5S Divides Critics – A Big Catch 22 Headache

There’s already a very big problem with the iPhone 5S, despite the fact that technically it doesn’t exist yet. Cast your mind back to this particular juncture in the last couple of years and it would be fair to say that iPhone hysteria was off the scale. Apple’s legendary silence ahead of product launches generated the kind of hype that money just cannot buy and has the potential to sell something ten million times over by way of reputation alone. However, the 2013 situation isn’t looking quite so rosy as without putting too fine a point on it, most of ...

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