Grand Theft Auto 5 Not Coming to PS4 or Xbox One – Bad Times

Most of the news coming out of the gaming industry this week isn’t what you’d call happy. Sure there are plenty of exciting things on the horizon, but it just seems to be one of those weeks where for every nice thing you hear, something lousy comes along to rain on its parade. And here’s another example of the latter to throw on the pile, which will probably ruin the mornings of many a Grand Theft Auto fan. Long story short – those planning to hold out for the PS4 and/or Xbox One versions of GTA 5 might be well-advised ...

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Will we see GTA 5 on the PC?

Will we see GTA 5 on the PC? It may be unsurprising to those who saw the queues descending on shops nationwide last month. But Grand Theft Auto 5 is not only one of the top 10 games of 2013... it is also the 12th best-selling game on record. But what has stopped it becoming one of the best PC games of the year? The answer could only be money, alleges chipmaker Intel. Intel's Chris R Silva told PC Gamer: "Somebody paid a lot of money to make sure that title was exclusive (to consoles)." Silva says this is what ...

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Characters Introduced in New Trailers

Rockstar Games threw out the most welcome of curveballs when they announced that there would be a total of three main characters in Grand Theft Auto 5 – not as exciting as finding out they’d all be playable though! Yep, they’ve confirmed that it will be possible to control all three of the characters by switching between them and even teaming up on certain missions, which in its own right is one of the biggest advancements to the genre so far. You won’t be able to swap and change as and when you fancy it, but from time to time ...

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