Google Chromecast launches in Europe

Google's TV streaming service has finally arrived in Europe - allowing users to stream video from their mobile device to the big screen.

Chromecast, which originally launched in the United States last year, is a memory stick-size device that can be plugged into a TV and is managed using a free app downloaded on a smartphone or tablet.

It has since been modified to include streaming services in countries across Europe, including BBC iPlayer in the UK, as ...

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Google to take on Apple with new voice search app

Google has launched a new voice search app that is set to rival Apple's Siri programme.

Google Voice Search, which is available for download on all Android and iPhones as well as some Windows phones, has been called the most advanced voice search facility to date.

The new software will allow users to ask follow-up questions without having to repeat information that they have already told the system.

For example someone ...

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Fancy driving a Minority Report style car?

Motorists may soon be able to control car functions with a simple wave of their hand.

Internet giant Google and car maker Ford are both developing vehicles where a raft of functions can be managed using hand gestures. So does this mean that the human element of driving is about to go the way of the dodo?

Actions such as operating the air conditioning, opening and closing windows, changing the volume or skipping tracks on the ...

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Want to be a Google Glass Explorer? Look to your friends…

We rely on our friends for all kinds of things, but they've never really had a hand in helping us become a tech pioneer.

Now all that changes, as Google announces plans to allow people who already own a pair of its Glass web-connected specs to invite three of their friends to buy a set.

At 1,500 dollars they don't come cheap - but imagine the kudos of strolling down the street in a pair? With them you ...

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Google’s New Products to Expect

Google isn’t one to spill the beans on its new products ahead of time, but feel free to set your sight on any or all of these as some of the stars of the show this year: Motorola Nexus X Call it the Motorola Nexus X, the Motorola X Phone or the Google Nexus 5, you can bet your bottom dollar on a new flagship Android smartphone coming this summer from Motorola. Why? Pretty simple really – Google took over at Motorola Mobility over a year ago and so far has been all-but silent on what’s being worked on behind ...

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It’s the next big thing, but is Google Glass the death of privacy?

It's the next big thing, but is Google Glass the death of privacy? Would you wear the latest gadget to keep your job - even if some commentators said they spell the death of privacy? Meet Google Glass, high-tech spectacles being trialled in the US with in-built hands-free video camera and internet access. They perform several smartphone functions, but respond to voice orders instead of fingers touching a display screen, and come with a camera and display screen attached to a rim above the right eye. Users can talk to the glasses and record video, access email and surf the ...

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