It may or may not lower bills, but what’s our worst fracking fear?

Supporters claim it will bring average utility bills down. Opponents insist it is a menace to the environment. But what is our greatest concern about the controversial new energy exploration drilling technique called fracking? BritainThinks strategic advice research company undertook a survey on behalf of Cuadrilla to find out. Cuadrilla is the firm behind exploratory oil drilling in Balcombe, West Sussex, and shale gas exploration in Lancashire. It commissioned the study into the views of residents living in Blackpool, Fylde and West Lancashire, the Bowland Basin licence area, to see if their opinions had altered over eight months. Water protection ...

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Frackers stop drilling in sleepy Sussex

The process has been hailed by its supporters as the key to lower average utility bills. Now fracking in a sleepy Sussex village is over … for the moment.

The energy firm behind the controversial exploratory oil drilling method has finished its current work. Cuadrilla expects to leave the site by the weekend. It has started removing its equipment from the Balcombe site.

But will the company be allowed to return? Cuadrilla is applying for planning permission to ...

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Will fracking bring down utility bills or cause earthquakes?

Will fracking bring down utility bills or cause earthquakes? Chancellor George Osborne has announced tax breaks for controversial fracking. Friday's announcement is part of what he calls an attempt to create the world's "most generous" regime for shale gas. Many believe the process will help bring down average utility bills for British households as concerns about spiralling energy prices increase. Opponents fear it will cause earthquakes, pollute water supplies, blight the countryside and affect house prices. But what is fracking? It is the process for extracting shale gas, by hydraulic fracturing rock with high-pressure liquid to release the gas. The ...

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