How long could the UK live on home-grown produce alone?

Dwindling self-sufficiency means Britain would be able to rely on its own produce for less than eight months before its cupboards were bare, the nation's farmers have warned.

Research by the National Farmers Union found the UK now produces less than two-thirds (62%) of the food eaten by its growing population, compared to three-quarters (75%) of it in 1991.

And that means if all the food produced in the country was stored and then eaten from January 1 ...

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Finding the right food and beer, a match made in Heaven?

For years, wine connoisseurs have been recommended different foods with which to enjoy their favourite tipple.

Now real ale campaigners are urging beer drinkers to match foods with their pints for the perfect taste combination. But will it ever catch on with beery quaffers?

The Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) is suggesting a variety of different strong and mild beers, porters, wheat beers, bitters and golden ales to go with meals ranging from curry, chicken and fish and ...

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Stelios Haji-Ioannou to launch EasyFoodstore

EasyJet billionaire Stelios Haji-Ioannou has bought the freehold to the old MetLife office opposite East Croydon station, where he plans to open his very first super-cheap EasyFoodstore. It's expected that the building will house some of the brand's existing ventures too, including a hotel, a gym, and short-term office space. The ground floor though will be exclusively dedicated to selling bargain groceries and will open this autumn. If all goes according to plan, it may even become a national chain. The store will sell basic grocery items such as tinned and dried foods, and will aim to undercut even the ...

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Test tube burgers – the answer to food production quandary?

Is the answer to the world's sustainable food production problem contained in a patty which weighs 5oz and costs £250,000 to produce?

This is being trialled for the first time on Monday. But it's not the latest in a line of luxury burgers made for chains springing up in and around London.

It's the world's first 'test-tube burger' made from lab-grown meat and created from 20,000 small strips of meat grown from cow stem cells.


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Is Tesco set to finally tackle food waste?

Even in the UK's economic downturn, the average household can still afford to throw away almost £700 worth of food each year, it seems.

Grocery chiefs say this level is unsustainable, especially as demand soars with the global population expected to hit nine billion by the end of the decade.

But does a new campaign by Tesco mean that Britain is finally going to address the problem of supermarket food waste? The UK's biggest supermarket will launch its ...

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