The To Do List: Film Review

Up until now, American teen comedies about the race to lose your virginity have been almost exclusively created from a male perspective. Whilst the edge of such subjects might have drawn in viewers back in the 90s when the likes of American Pie first rose to prominence, it's pretty fair to say that they're now dull and worn out. But what about such tales reported from a female perspective? That's exactly what happens in The To Do List, the latest offering from Maggie Carey. Aubrey Plaza plays the uptight high school graduate Brandy, an academic high achiever who hasn't quite ...

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The Conjuring: Review

The Conjuring was released in cinemas across the country this week, and is the latest flick from renowned horror director James Wan. The supernatural thriller sees the Perron family move into a new home, though everything doesn't go quite according to plan and they ultimately call upon the help of Ed and Lorraine Warren, world renowned paranormal investigators. First up, it's worth noting that the storyline itself is nothing that horror fans won't have seen dozens of times in cinemas across the past few years. We aren't giving away too much of the secret when we say that it's the ...

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Alan Partridge picks Norwich over London for film première

Forget the traditional London Leicester Square red carpet treatment for Alan Partridge's new movie later this month. Alpha Papa, starring comedian Steve Coogan, is showcasing the talents of the fictional DJ... but where could a premiere venue be found to do them justice? Following a social media campaign by his fans, the film's inaugural screening will be held in no less a prestigious setting than Partridge's home city of … Norwich. The movie was filmed at locations across Norfolk earlier this year. Since then a Twitter campaign called Anglia Square Not Leicester Square has been demanding the movie is premiered ...

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Dracula: Ireland looks to breathe life into old monster

Just when you thought Dracula had lost its bite, the notorious vampire is returning to the big screen.

After countless comebacks - Nosferatu nuts estimate there have been around 30 English-speaking Dracula movies - new life is being breathed into the Prince of Darkness.

But has Dracula had his day? In this era of CGI horror and alien films, can the much-vaunted vampire still kick it with the frightmeisters?


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‘The Look of Love’: Steve Coogan’s Seedy Soho

'The Look of Love' hit cinemas across the country on Friday, and as you might imagine, the insight into the life of Soho entrepreneur and property tycoon Paul Raymond is one that has raised more than just a few eyebrows. But is it worth your time? On the surface, this is a drama about the seedy underbelly of strip clubs, pornography and cold hard cash. Surprisingly though, the film does manage a rather sensitive portrayal of Raymond's relationship with his troubled daughter Debbie, who he had hoped to leave his fortunes to. Indeed, it's Raymond's dealings with women in his ...

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