Brits give big like to Facebook

Brits struggle to live without Facebook and the BBC website, according to a new poll.

The survey into UK internet habits by internet company Nominet shows that Facebook is the most popular website for 24% of the population, closely followed by the BBC (20%), Amazon (9%), Gmail (5%) and Yahoo (5%).

Facebook was chosen by 32% of women, while 26% of men put the BBC at number one.

Close to half ...

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Why Facebook’s no longer a matter of just male or female

Facebook is to allow users the choice of being more than male or female. The social media giant is trialling a customisable option which enables its 159 million US users more options to identify their gender.

The experiment will then be rolled out across the globe after consulting with activists to devise terms that are appropriate in each country. So how will it work?

Facebook is launching a customisable option with around 50 different terms users can ...

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Facebook – the new sympathetic arm around the shoulder?

For years now, Facebook users have only had one button to click on to register reaction to a post.

This has prompted calls for the social networking giant to add other options to the existing "like" choice, such as "dislike" or "irony".

Now the popular US platform is considering an alternative, but it's neither of the above. So what would you choose?

Facebook is trialling a "sympathise" button.


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