Where does the UK rank in terms of car-running costs?

With the cost of fuel, insurance, road tax and MOTs, it can sometimes feel like the UK is the world's most expensive place to run a vehicle. undertook a poll totalling costs in these four categories to find out just where we stand in relation to 21 countries across five continents - and revealed that the UK is, indeed, the world's costliest place to have a car.

UK motorists spend an average of £3,453 a year - ...

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You are what you drive: What does the car a man owns tell a woman?

A new survey suggests that when it comes to motoring choices, men are still from Mars and women from Venus.

It's a common delusion among men that women prefer fast cars. But what is the truth of the matter?'s poll of 2,000 UK adults shows that 48% of men are convinced that owning fast, high-priced vehicles make them more irresistible to the opposite sex.

But 53% of women called ...

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Dutch engineers reinventing the wheel?

A new gearbox that has no gear wheels is set to become a game-changer for the global car industry, its inventors believe.

The Controlled Rotation System (CRS) reduces fuel usage due to a lack of friction between gears - which makes it a sustainable technology - and it could be used in ships, windmills and all kinds of machines.

Its four Dutch inventors originally developed it as a prototype for bikes but have since modified it for cars ...

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‘Dark days’ for Britain’s motorists

It's not just the nights that are getting darker - so too are motorists' choice of car colours, according to a new survey.

It appears black is currently one of the fastest-growing car colour purchases.

The amount of drivers buying them has climbed 9% in the past two years, according to an AA/Populus poll of 15,860 AA members. This has helped place black third, slightly behind blue, with silver securing top spot.


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Can the 1,000mph land speed barrier, not the easiest game, be hit?

Is it possible for a car to break the 1,000mph barrier? Experts at luxury British car maker Rolls-Royce seem to think it is. That's why the company is sponsoring for the first time a world land speed record attempt. Rolls-Royce announced on Monday (May 13) that it is supporting the Bristol-based Bloodhound project. A Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine will be used alongside a custom designed hybrid rocket. The Bloodhound team hopes to travel to South Africa to break the 763mph land speed record before targeting the 1,000mph barrier. Colin Smith, Rolls-Royce director of engineering and technology, said the firm will ...

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Is the British motorist’s love affair with his car waning?

Your car is probably the biggest purchase you'll ever make - after property. But how often is your pride and joy left sat on the driveway? Increasingly often, it seems… New stats suggest that our freezing, long winter has had a huge impact on road traffic rates. Provisional Government data shows that there is less traffic on Britain's roads now than there was 12 years ago. Motor vehicle traffic dipped 2.3% to 74.7 billion vehicle miles in January to March, compared with the same quarter in 2012. Car and light goods traffic both fell 1.9%. Heavy goods vehicle traffic dipped ...

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Volkswagen unveils new BlueMotion

If you find yourself behind the wheel of the new Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion, on sale from this August, you might only have to refuel it 10 times a year. With its 970-mile theoretical range, and assuming a 10,000-mile annual mileage, its "highly efficient" fuel economy system presents an opportunity for real savings at the pumps. This, plus owners have no tax to pay because BlueMotion falls under band A vehicle excise duty. Volkswagen says the new model has a 50-litre fuel tank offering drivers 88.3mpg on the combined cycle and 85g/km in pollution emissions, as well as the same "refinement ...

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