Which is the most googled car manufacturer in the UK?

BMW and Audi have been revealed as the two most googled car manufacturers in the UK, according to the digital marketing agency Greenlight.

The German brands were searched for 368,000 times each on Google UK in the three months leading up to November, according to the report, which analysed the visibility of manufacturer and dealer sites.

Mercedes finished in second place on the list, with Vauxhall coming in third spot. Searches for 'Peugeot' increased by 22% on the ...

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Is this new beauty the fastest diesel production car in the world?

Is this new beauty the fastest diesel production car in the world? It boasts a top speed of 173mph and catapults its passengers from 0 to 62mph in just 4.6 seconds. But is the new Alpina D3 Bi-Turbo the world's fastest diesel production car? Its makers seem to think so. The fettled BMW 3 Series' heavily-modified version of the standard car's six-cylinder diesel pushes out 346bhp and 516lb.ft of torque. This is about double the amount seen in high-end, four-cylinder diesel hatchbacks. The D3 is not just a power machine; it combines the best of both worlds. Drive it tenderly ...

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Would ‘Father of the Mini’ have been pleased with new launch date?

The vehicle that was billed as the first "classless car" celebrates its 54th birthday this month.

But an equally important landmark is being used for the launch date of the latest model in the ever-popular series.

Mini owner BMW has picked November 18 to mark the birth of Sir Alex Issigonis. Sir Alex who, you may ask? Issigonis was the Mini's founding father and the autumnal date is the 107th anniversary of his birth.


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BMW’s first electric car carries global reputation

BMW's eagerly awaited first electric car has been unveiled to the world.

The German luxury car maker's good name is legendary, in fact it recently won the title of world's most reputable company for 2013 from the New York-based Reputation Institute. So will its new eco-friendly "super-mini" enhance this standing?

The company unveiled the i3 electric car at a series of simultaneous press conferences around the world on Monday night.


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Have motorists ever looked forward to a new BMW model so much?

Is BMW's new electric car the most anticipated vehicle in its history? The German car manufacturer has announced pricing of its new i3 electric car, ahead of its UK launch in November.

Deliveries to British customers will see leasing prices begin from £369 a month. Customers choosing the all-electric BMW i3 can sign up to a 36-month deal and pay an initial £2,995 followed by monthly payments of £369 and contract mileage of 24,000 miles.

Motorists who want ...

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