BlackBerry 10 Has Proved Its Worth, But Needs to Get Cheaper and Fast

This year, Thorsten Heins and the team at BlackBerry had perhaps more to prove than any other smartphone company on the face of the Earth. It wasn’t a case of throwing out a few new bits and pieces here and there to see what might stick, but rather a terrifying ‘do or die’ scenario. BlackBerry had failed to strike a chord with the consumer and corporate markets for years, leading to a disastrous decline in stock values and insufficient device sales to keep the company alive. They needed something big and it simply had to catch on, which came to ...

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No More BlackBerry PlayBook – No More Tablet PC Market in 2018?

It’s all well and good for company CEOs to make sweeping statements about the future, but sometimes it’s hard not to wonder what the hell they were thinking at the time. This week brings us a rather case in point example of the latter and one Mr Thorsten Heins of BlackBerry fame has gone on record to state that the tablet PC market is on its way to a relatively imminent death. Here’s a part of the quote that’s making headlines all over the world for the BlackBerry CEO: “In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to ...

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BlackBerry Q10 – The Best QWERTY Keyboard Phone Ever

One of the most highly-anticipated devices in the history of the mobile tech market, the BlackBerry Q10 is now officially in circulation in the UK. And given the fact that it’s still a good few weeks away at least from the US and other massive global markets, it’s up to the pundits on this side of the pond to let folk know what they are missing. And boy, are they missing a lot! It will probably come as no surprise to learn that I have been a long-time fan of the physical QWERTY keyboard option when it comes to smartphones. ...

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