Will more competition in energy market drive down utility bills?

Why is my electric bill so high?

That's what many consumers and small businesses have been asking as the UK's big six energy firms face accusations they've been ramping up prices to increase profits.

The situation has caused consumer groups to write to regulators calling for the 'big six' companies to be broken up in an attempt to increase competition and drive down prices across the industry.

The joint letter, written ...

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Will complaints against ‘Big Six’ be enough to force inquiry?

Energy consumers made over 5.5 million complaints to the "Big Six" power providers last year, according to new figures. But will this be enough to force a full competition inquiry into the energy industry? A consumer champion hopes so.

Which? is calling on regulators to refer an industry it claims is "broken" to the Competition and Markets Authority. The watchdog says the Office of Fair Trading and Ofgem should get the authority to investigate whether competition is working for consumers and how it could be ...

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What is UK power giant blaming higher bills on?

"Why is my electric bill so high?" is a constant refrain in many households throughout the country, following a hike in utilities prices announced at the end of last year.

Now one of the so-called "Big Six" energy firms thinks it knows where the blame lies.

Npower claims that energy efficiency in "old and draughty" housing is key to keeping bills down. It says that electricity and gas bills are so steep because the houses in our country ...

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Can Ofgem break up UK’s ‘Big Six’ and lower average utility bills?

Average utility bills could be forced down in new measures to break-up Britain's 'Big Six' energy companies' stranglehold on the UK power market. Energy regulator Ofgem has told British Gas, EDF, E.ON, NPower, Scottish Power and SSE that they face fines unless they open up the electricity market to competition from smaller independent competitors. Ofgem wants to make it easier for independent rivals, such as Co-operative Energy, Ecotricity, Ebico and First Utility, to buy and sell power. The regulator says the 'Big Six' cannot refuse any reasonable requests from smaller competitors to buy electricity at a fair price using fair ...

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