Apple offers free recycling to customers

Apple is bidding to become greener by offering free recycling of all its used products.

The tech giant is also promising to power all of its stores, offices and data centres around the world with renewable energy in an effort to reduce the pollution caused by its range of devices and online services.

It has already distributed gift cards at a number of stores in exchange for iPhones and iPods that are still in good enough condition to ...

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iPhone 6 With 5-Inch Screen Already In Testing? Reports Suggest So

Apple’s latest iPhone 5S and 5C may only be a few weeks old, but when have things like this stopped the rumour mill from grinding its gears and throwing out gossip? There have been plenty of reports regarding the iPhone 6 over the past few days or so, but one of the most compelling of all concerns the status of the device. According to one particular report, not only will the iPhone 6 up the ante with a huge 4.9-inch screen, but the near-completed unit is already well into its late testing phase. If true, the iPhone 6 would boast ...

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iPad Maxi to Join Apple’s 2014 iOS Army – Evidence Mounts

Apple seems to be running out of places to go with its iPad – the Mini and the new Air did a rather good job of rounding off the range in superb style. Not according to at least one Korean media source however, which has once again thrown in the suggestion of a gigantic iPad Maxi joining the range net year. How big will the iPad Max be? Try getting on for 13 inches and you’re in the right territory. According to The Korea Times, one of the Cupertino firm’s closest component supply partners is at this very moment putting ...

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What’s an iWatch Worth to You? Analyst Predicts Price, Sees Stunning Success Story

The question as to whether or not Apple’s future included a Smartwatch was answered quite some time ago – it of course does. Wearable tech is expected to be the biggest thing since sliced bread once it comes into its own over the coming year, so there’s really little to no question as to whether Apple will be looking to take home a piece of the pie. Chances are, they’ll have their eye on the biggest piece of all. So the device we’ve come to know as the iWatch is a given, which then leads onto the all-important questions of ...

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Apple launches iPad Air – slimmer, lighter and faster than before

Apple has launched a new iPad that is slimmer, lighter and more powerful than its predecessor.

The new iPad Air is 20% thinner, 28% lighter and twice as fast as the iPad 4. The gadget weighs 1lb, compared to 1.4lb of the iPad 4, and is 7.5mm thin compared to 9.4mm.

It has a 9.7 inch Retina display and an A7 chip inside, same as the one found in the iPhone 5S.


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What gadget fruit will fall from the Apple tree next week?

What gadget fruit will fall from the Apple tree next week? Is Apple about to launch a new stable of iPads? That's the hot rumour within the gadgets industry as the American technology giant announced a "special event" next week. Sector specialists think Apple will bring some of the features of the latest iPhones to its tablets. These include fingerprint security and coloured casings, while also enhancing their power. In addition to iPads, industry intelligence points to the Californian gadget specialists introducing a new Macbook laptop and upgrading operating software for its computers. The notoriously secretive company is remaining reticent ...

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Is there a cooler brand than Apple?

Apple has retained its crown as coolest brand according to the British public.

The Californian giant does face growing competition however from several luxury and fashion lines, with the annual CoolBrands survey hinting at economic recovery through a switch away from affordable, everyday brands.

The votes of 38 "key influencers", such as television chef Gizzi Erskine and model Daisy Lowe, and 3,000 consumers shaped the rankings.

UK car manufacturer Aston ...

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Why Apple is Sitting on Mobile Payment Gold

Most of the world’s biggest Apple fans are right now on the edges of their seats waiting for word on the next big piece of hardware to come our way. Needless to say, this for the majority concerns the likes of the iPad and the iPhone, which are indeed due to be refreshed soon and make for very exciting prospects. In addition, over the course of the next 12 months Apple is also expected to introduce Apple TV and the first iWatch – the latter being something of a wearable smartphone. As such, the firm that was once the world’s ...

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Apple’s iPhone 5S Divides Critics – A Big Catch 22 Headache

There’s already a very big problem with the iPhone 5S, despite the fact that technically it doesn’t exist yet. Cast your mind back to this particular juncture in the last couple of years and it would be fair to say that iPhone hysteria was off the scale. Apple’s legendary silence ahead of product launches generated the kind of hype that money just cannot buy and has the potential to sell something ten million times over by way of reputation alone. However, the 2013 situation isn’t looking quite so rosy as without putting too fine a point on it, most of ...

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