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Are self-cleaning cars on the horizon?

Many motorists take much pride in keeping their cars clean, but new Nissan paint technology could make the task a lot easier in the near future.

The Japanese car firm has developed an innovative "self-cleaning" paint system known as Ultra-Ever Dry that resists water and oils, meaning it is less likely to be affected by dirt, mud and rain.

Nissan engineers are testing the paint on its latest Note hatchback under all sorts of conditions. The manufacturer is the first to try out such a system.

Ultra-Ever Dry keeps a layer of air between the paint and the bodywork, meaning dirty water can't leave marks on it.

Nissan prides itself on developing innovations capable of making life easier for owners of its cars, according to the chief marketing officer for the Nissan Note, Geraldine Ingham. She said Ultra-Ever dry is just one example of the state-of-the-art technology the company is developing.

The bad news for Nissan customers is that the "self-cleaning" paint is not likely to be offered as standard on its cars any time soon, so they will have pay more for it.

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