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Sales of hot drinks machines on the rise

The economic gloom that has gripped the nation over the last five years has failed to hold back rising sales of hot beverage machines, it appears.

Coffee pod machines have been leading the charge as sales of coffee makers and other hot drinks machines have gone from strength to strength, according to market research analyst Mintel.

There has been a 67% rise in sales of hot beverage machines from £52 million in 2008, to £87 million in 2013. The rising sales figures have mostly been driven by a sharp rise in the popularity of coffee makers, with 14% of Britons - or 3.7 million households - now owning a coffee pod machine.

The popularity of TV shows like the Great British Bake Off have also fuelled a rise in food preparation machines such as food processors, blenders, liquidisers and mixers - with more than a third (35%) of Britons now saying they bake from scratch on a weekly basis.

Jane Westgarth, senior retail analyst at Mintel, said: "Hot beverage machines have grown sales by two-thirds in the last five years and coffee pod machines are at the heart of this growth.

"The nation's love affair with good coffee stemmed from enjoying their coffee shop experiences and now they want to create coffee shop quality at home. The taste for premium coffee at home has resulted in an explosion of different types of coffee machines and plenty of tempting appliances to encourage the coffee aficionado to trade up.

"Furthermore, what may have begun as a response to a rising need to be thriftier with the food budget has become a kitchen craft, as people want to create the indulgent treats they see on programmes like the Great British Bake Off."

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    April 29, 2014

    This is really shocking that there has been a rise in the price of hot beverage machines by 67 percent. This is really a unknown news. Thanks for this informative post.

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