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Latest food scandal: TV chefs more entertaining than educational?

To the recent food scandals of horse meat, food protein contamination and Chinese milk, cookery queen Delia Smith thinks you can now add another.

She thinks her TV chef successors have become more entertaining than educational.

Delia, who recently received a Bafta special award, said: "Food isn't theatre and to make it into theatre is wrong. It can speak for itself and it's wonderful and it's beautiful and it's art."

She saved her biggest broadside for hit BBC1 series MasterChef, which she says undermines the confidence of would-be cooks.

She told the Radio Times that she would never be a judge on the John Torode and Greg Wallace show as it intimidates rather than inspires.

Smith, 71, said: "They used to ask me but I could never criticise people, My job is to make them feel they can do it."

She said that The Hairy Bikers are her true successors, saying: "They make it funny and yet they make you think, 'I'd like to make that'. That's very clever."

Delia, who has run an online cookery school since retiring from TV, said that Britain has lost its grip on home cooking.

She told the magazine: "I can see that by the way kitchen equipment shops are in decline. There are a lot of short cuts but the main problem is that people are afraid to cook."

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