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Cadbury Chocolate Pretzels: Your New Favourite Snack?

cadburychocolatepretzelsNot content with sticking to their staple Dairy Milk, Cadbury seem to be on a mission lately to cover just about anything they can get their hands on in their milky chocolate. They've had a go with popcorn, raisins, peanuts and clusters, but next up is pretzels. Is it a match made in heaven, or should they just stick with what they know? The thing that first grabbed our attention was the promise of a salty snack covered in our favourite sweet treat. You might have noticed 'salted caramel' and 'salted chocolate' popping up on the menus of fine dining restaurants, and it's a trend that we've happily embraced. Sadly, Cadbury Chocolate Pretzels are a little lacklustre on this front. In fact, if you hadn't noticed the packaging, you could be fooled into thinking that you were just eating a biscuit. There's no salty taste and no savoury kick to balance out the chocolate, leaving us feeling a little bit disappointed about the whole thing. Don't get us wrong, they're reminiscent of a very pleasant biscuit, but that's not really what we were hoping for. A few salt crystals were definitely in need to kick things up a notch. Next up, what about the nutrition factor? Well, let's face it. Something that's coated in chocolate is never going to be the best choice if you're watching your weight, but the good news here is that the pretzels aren't quite as bad for your waistline as you might think. With the recommended serving of a third of a 110g bag, you'd consume 165 calories. Compared to the 260 calories in a Dairy Milk, this could make Cadbury Pretzels a wise choice if you're a dieter who just can't do without their chocolate fix. It's worth noting that the recommended retail price is £2.69. For three portions, it's quite a reasonable tag. All in all, Cadbury Chocolate Pretzels are a decent snack that we'd probably buy again, but they just don't quite live up to their expectations. A saltier treat is what we were really after, and these seem to just be a rather hyped-up biscuit.


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A tasty little snack that's ideal for lunch boxes or just a treat, though it fails to live up to the expectations. Sadly, more of a biscuit than a pretzel!

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